Glamox 3001

Norwegian electric heaters Glamox 3001 are used for heating residential and business premises, bathrooms, offices, houses and other types of premises. They focus on quality, design, usability and energy-efficient solutions.  The working principle is based on natural air flow where hot air is spread into the room due to rounded top. They are manufactured in sizes ranging from 400 to 2000W and are simple to use. Thanks to their design, aluminium construction of the heater and built-in electronic thermostat, you can warm your home in a cost-effective, healthy and comfortable way. Norwegian Radiator Glamox 3001 may spend up to 25% less energy for heating the same area compared to other heaters if you choose the right radiator depending on the insulation of premises and the appropriate thermostat. It is recommended to use a DT2 digital programmable thermostat because it helps reduce electricity consumption up to 25% by decreasing temperature at night or when you are not at home.


Glamox 3001 models and prices

Glamox H30

Glamox H30 is a new product line of Norwegian electric radiators with a contemporary design and colour.  Special attention was dedicated to the design of Glamox H30, new, technologically advanced heater, developed by Hareide Designmill, one of the leading Scandinavian design companies.  Due to its state-of-the-art design, Glamox H30 meets all modern-day requirements. It is suitable for any interior, whether it is residential or business premises. It comes in four colours: white, silver, red and black, and power ranging from 400 to 2000W. The working principle is based on natural air flow, while comfort in heating is achieved together with energy savings of up to 25% due to automatic temperature reduction when you are not at home thanks to the radiator design, the construction of aluminium heater and built-in digital programmable thermostat. The temperature is shown on a digital display on the front side of the heater and control knobs integrated into its right edge.


Glamox H30 models and prices