The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement

 Stipsa the owner of the internet sales point is obliged to protect customers' personal data, in a way that is collects only the essential data of the customers/users which are needed to fulfil our duties; it informs the customers about the way personal data are used, regularly gives customers the opportunity of choice in using their personal data. Our website is:
The period in which personal data will be stored stores personal information of the registred customers of the website until the processing of the information is done, which is from the moment of active registration and six months after it when any complaints from the previous period will be resolved. We store your personal data (name, surname, personal identification number, email, phone number) which you accept at the moment of purchase/registration. We share your data with our partner delivery service ''Hrvatska pošta Ltd.'' so that ordered products are delivered without any delay.
The access and correction of personal data
The Customer and Beneficiary can ask for and get all the personal data stored as well as the correction of the previously mentioned by sending an email to the person responsible for protecting personal data:
The deletion of personal data (the right to be forgotten)
The Customer and the Beneficiary have the right for deletion of personal data any time (the right to be forgotten). The Customer can do it by sending a request to the email address and after authentification all the data will be deleted without any delay. The Beneficiary has the right to submit a request for deleting all the notifications he gets by email from by sending an online message to in which it is stated that all the data need to be erased.
The right to complain
If after all the taken measures for protecting personal data you still feel you have right to complain, contact us by sending an email to . Furthermore, you have right to complain to supervisory authority Agencija za zaštitu osobnih podataka.
Precautions of protecting personal data
All the data are stored in electronic form and are especially protected so that the communication between the Customer’s/Beneficiary’s computer and the web page is performed safely. Stipsa taking seriously the protection of personal data and takes different precautions in order that they are protected. Unfortunately, any data transfer via internet or any other wireless network cannot be 100% secured. Even though Stipsa taking serious precautions in protecting personal data it still cannot guarantee the protection of the data transferred to or from the website and it is not responsible for the actions of the third party which receives this information.
The modification of the Statement of GDPR
Stipsa Ltd has the right to modify this Statement any time by publishing an amended text of the Statement on the website   For that reason Stipsa Ltd encourages its Customers and Beneficiaries to check updates of this Statement, if there are any. If the Customer or the Beneficiary does not agree with the Statement we advise them not to access or use website   The modification of the Statement of privacy enters into force after being published on website The resumption of the website use implies that the Customer and the Beneficiary accept the modified Statement of privacy.
Cookie policy
To make our site visit more pleasant this webpage needs to store a small amount of information (so called cookies) to your computer. Cookies are used so that the website functions the best way and that your experience of browsing is improved.  By using this website you accept the cookie policy. Blocking cookies is possible, after which you will still be able to use the website but some of its possibilities will not be available.
What is cookie?
Cookie is an information stored on your personal computer, tablet or mobile phone which can be sent directly from the website you visit (cookies from the first party), in cooperation or for the use of the website you visit (cookies from the third party). Cookies usually store your settings, website settings, like language and others. Later, when you open again the same site the internet browser sends back the same belonging cookies. This enables website to show the information adapted to your needs. Cookies can store a wide range of information, including the part of personal data. These information can be stored only if you allow it- websites cannot access these information nor any other files on your personal computer without your approval.
The use of cookies on uses cookies to enable better user’s experience. When using our site you can get a cookie from the ‘’third party’’. uses cookies in order to monitor statistic page view to get essential information about the success of the website by using the third party called Google Analytics also uses cookies to advertise products on the website and Display Network by using publishing by Google Analytics. You can also turn off Google Analytics and customize the ad by using the tool Settings Ads ( Also, for the purpose of publishing ads adapted to your interests and future publishing campaigns we use the tool Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting where we can use data from Google Ads based on the interest and data from Google Analytics (eg. age, sex, interests).More detailed information of the third party about this service as well as possibilities of the user to change cookie settings are available on site:
How to disable cookies?
If you wish you can disable downloading cookies on your personal computer but blocking may have a negative effect on the usage of the site. Cookie settings may be monitored and configured in your browser. If you want to delete or disable cookies on your personal computer you need to update your browser settings (you can find the information about deleting and disabling cookies in a browser’s tool bar by choosing Help option)
Additional information about blocking cookies
Currently there are a few website for blocking cookies on different services. You can find out more on following websites:

Social networks
Social networks can also store cookies on your personal computer. This occurs on websites when signing in and registrating via social networks or if you share information via the same (eg. like button). The influence on your privacy will change from social network to social network depending on privacy settings you have chosen. You can find out on their websites how to manage cookies.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement
We store your personal data (name, surname, address, email, phone number) for which you give consent at the moment of purchase/registration. We have shared your data with our partner delivery service ‘’Hrvatska pošta Ltd.’’so that we are sure that ordered products are delivered with no delay. If you do not want us to store or share your data with our partners you can withdraw your consent on our website. uses Google Analytics to track page views. It also enables to check the page views from other sources like pay-per-click, email advertising, display network, web browser and others. Website also uses Google Adwords as an advertising channel.
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